What is Cyber Monday?

e-commerce-402822_640Have you ever gone crazy seeing dirt cheap prices? Have you ever struggled rummaging through the store not knowing what to get because there is just too much there? Well so have I. I love sales. I have bought a dress that cost £80 and got about an 80% discount and an additional 50% off because I got five items from this store. I love getting good deals and I’m sure you do too. But getting sales from stores can be difficult!

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You probably know that going to the store on Black Friday in shopping centres can be SCARY or at least full or hassle!

And so when Cyber Monday was born, internet super deals came about without the need to push and fight other shoppers around. Of course there is the need for you to be super fast because deals be gone fast and things do get sold out easily.  That’s why I’m here to help.

The History of Cyber Monday

The term Cyber Monday was first coined by Ellen Davis when she wrote an article for Shoppe.org titled: “’Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year” in the year 2005. Their article noticed a significant increase in the online shopping done after the Thanksgiving weekend. A whopping 77% increase in sales after Thanksgiving was seen!

Cyber Monday gains in popularity every year in the UK, look how much we brits spent over the past three years on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is all about getting the best deals. This is the day where most retailers are willing to slash off their prices by about 89%. You can get more for your money and get a ton of Christmas presents bought by shopping on Cyber Monday.

This shopping holiday is also a day where online stores that do not have brick and mortar shops, put up the big discounts. And personally, as a person who has worked in retail, I can say that prices and savings to be made on this day are pretty amazing.

Unlike Black Friday whose discounts may last for three days till the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday sales normally only last for 24hrs.

Previously this was not a big shopping day for the UK, but in the last few years more and more British shoppers have chosen Cyber Monday as their Christmas shopping day of choice.  So much so that CM is more poplular in the UK than the United States!

Items Sold On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is normally a day where you go visit online shops for the things they you missed on Black Friday.  It’s all about getting your Christmas presents at a cheap price.

This is a great day to shop for gadgets like mobile phones and tablets, clothes, makeup and shoes. Other stores even have sales for grocery items too.

This Sale Day is like the ultimate clearance sale. Last season’s items may have bigger discounts than usual items. For example, with clothes items for fall, spring and summer may have huge discounts. Last season’s makeup are normally marked down a lot. But even though these items may be last season’s they can be used well and be stylish depending on your fashion sense.

I have personally worked for a giant store that sold all sorts of stuff and I was assigned to man the phones for gadgets. iPhones, kindles, mobile phones and even laptops became significantly cheaper. They do get sold out pretty easily so the best time to call is starting 12am or buy online as soon as you wake up.

Personal Tip

Personally, I recommend you to plan ahead. List down the things you want to buy so you don’t get side tracked. Make a budget. Don’t over spend.

Before Cyber Monday do your research! You need to know the prices before the sale.

You can also sign up to sites that can give you updates and comparisons of prices so you can get the best deal. But remember to stick to your budget and buy only what you listed!

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