What is Black Friday?


What is Black Friday you may ask. Well probably you already know unless you live under a rock. Black Friday is the ultimate shopper’s dream! It is when the heavens and earth meet for one glorious day of shopping. It is the day to stretch you legs and walk for hours and hours in stores to find the best deals.

In the US where they celebrate Thanksgiving, this is the official day when Christmas shopping begins. After eating a hefty meal people want to go out and shop because they feel so merry and giddy. In the UK the term Black Friday first was coined by the police because this day was a day of partying since it is the last Friday before Christmas. Many people go into parties and thus created the need of Emergency Response.

But the holiday cheer has spread all over the world. Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, France, Romania and even India put out sales on the last Friday of November. Stores see this as the start of massive holiday shopping and thus they put up great sales to compete with many retailers.

The History of Black Friday

Black Friday as a shopping day first came about in 1932 in the United States. Many stores would put up sales since people wanted to spend money for Christmas gifts. In other countries, Black Friday only came about after 2010 as Amazon started selling internationally and thus created shopping deals.

American stores who also have international branches have started selling items with big discounts on this day. Walmart who has a British counterpart ASDA in 2013. Amazon and Apple also sold items with a great deduction on prices on the same year. In the year after, 2014, UK brands like John Lewis, Argos, ao.com and very.co.uk pulled in massive sales on this date.


In Canada, people started crossing the border in 2001. But in the year 2008 and 2009, stores started putting the same deals as the US to keep the Canadians within its borders for shopping. But Canadians are still known to cross since the strength of the CAD compared to USD meant more value for their money if they bought items from the US

In Mexico, Black Friday is the shopping holiday before the Mexican Revolution. It falls on the holidays called El Buen Fin or The Good Weekend. Being a predominantly Catholic country, it meant they celebrated Christmas with flourish which translated with buying lots of gifts.

Other countries saw Black Friday as an online sale day which extends to the weekend. But since most items do get sold out fast on the day after Thanksgiving, shopping has to be started early on Friday itself.

Super Shopping Frenzy

In the recent years, massive hysteria about great discounts has caused several news worthy occurrences. Some people treat Black Friday shopping like a sport. People even sleep early the night before or don’t sleep at all to flock into stores as early as 2am.

Many stores have started opening their doors as early as 4am or 5am. Some open during regular hours but extend till 2am the next day. Freebies and other deals are also given on top of the big discounts that the stores offer.

I have seen people camping outside stores like Apple and clothing and electronic retailers. I have personally worked at 4am to sell mobile phones on a Black Friday. Items sell like hotcakes so you really have to be fast.

Tension may rise during these sales. I have seen people grabbing and hurting each other. I’m glad I worked in a call center instead but before during this stint. Some people wear bubble wrap and padding on their bodies so that they can avoid getting hurt by other people shoving and pushing to grab items.

The police has even reported crimes and panic happening during this event. Some people even died during rush shopping rush. Police dispersal has occurred in the US and in the UK to break people away from the panic caused by the sales in various stores.

Personal Tips

Okay, it’s a super shopping day but you have to be wise about this. Make a list. If you make a list you can make most out of shopping. I have watched this lady on TV that planned her Black Friday shopping trip like she was planning a wedding. She wrote down all the items she wanted and how many hours she plans to spend in each store.

Remember that Black Friday is just one day so you have to make most out of this day. Some stores extend their sales for two more days into Saturday and Sunday but many things do get sold out.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

2. Bring a spill-proof water bottle with you.

3. Don’t dilly dally in the store, if you want it, take it, someone else may grab it before you. You can always leave it at the counter if you change your mind before paying

4. Make a list

5. If possible bring coupons and vouchers with you that are valid for this day so you can get more discounts.

6. Be a sport and don’t punch and push people!

7. If you don’t want to be too tired shop online. You can wait for Cyber Monday for more online deals!

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