What to Do If You Missed Black Friday?

What to do if you missed black fridayBlack Friday is the last Friday before Christmas and falls after Thanksgiving (in the US) and is the official start of the Holiday Season in the UK. Some people get paid on Black Friday. But some people don’t. Some people choose to shop on this day but others may miss it because they spent the night before with their family or partied with friends.

Black Friday is the ultimate in-store shopping day through out the year. But what if you miss it? Well fret not I will dish here a guide to finding deals even if you were not able to shop on Black Friday.

Pre and Post Black Friday Deals

OK, there is such a big hype on Black Friday that people from all walks of life cram themselves into tiny spaces just to get a great deal. Black Friday is the ultimate shopaholic’s dream. You can buy anything from clothes, shoes, apparel to giant electronics and pricey gadgets. However Black Friday shopping may not be for everyone. You need CAREFUL PLANNING AND STAMINA to sweep the stores on Black Friday.

So if you can’t shop on Black Friday (a bit sad here!) you can still find deals here and there.

1. Some stores do it as a whole week thing – Watch out for stores that give extended versions of the Black Friday madness. Some start the sale on a Monday even! Some do it on Thursday and some just extend it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

2. Shop online – Shopping in store may take you several hours but shopping online you can take advantages of many discounts but you need to drive to the store, line up and deal with a crowd. Many shops like Amazon offer great Black Friday deals. It would only take you minutes or an hour or two to buy a truckload of gifts for Christmas using the internet

3. Shop on Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday was made for people who wanted to spend the weekend with their families. You can shop in your office, home or even while sitting on the toilet. You can get exclusive discounts that are only available on Cyber Monday.

4. Look for Christmas Sales – Some stores have super Christmas sales or spread out their sales over days after Black Friday. You can still get great deals in different stores.

5. Use coupons – Coupons are ever reliable ways to cut back on your shopping save coupons and bundle them up if possible. Even if you don’t catch Black Friday you cans till get a bang for your pound (buck) if you use discount coupons.

6. Last minute shopping – Fear not, some stores are still open till the wee hours of dawn into Saturday morning you so you can still catch up with your shopping even if you’re not able to do it earlier.

7. Buy post Christmas – I know you are trying to give gifts before Christmas but you would not believe the amount of discount if you buy post Christmas. Stores have loads of unsold inventory that they would like to get rid off so you can buy on these days.

Here’s the MoneySavingExpert.com sales and discount thread for the whole year round

Personal Tips

There was this one time that I missed shopping on Black Friday because I had to work and sell phones on that day. So what did I do? Well I bought a bunch of towels and embroidered them with the initials of my family and friends! I used a coupon for them and got a big discount since no one really buys a lot of towels in Christmas season

1. Plan ahead – Don’t just think you might or go or not go. Black Friday is not for shopping amateurs. You need to know if you’re shopping on this day or not. If you are. Then you need to plan ahead. Write down your shopping list, prepare your shopping kicks, wear comfy clothes and prepare you money!

2. Don’t be fooled – Just because things are on sale does not mean you have to buy them. Know your priorities. Your money is limited but the stuff in the stores and shops are not.

3. Know the stores – Visit the stores ahead of time. Maybe even check out the stuff you’ll buy. Know the stores’ layouts and save time in walking around.

4. Energize – As I’ve mentioned before, this day needs energy so you’ll need to be running on a full tank meaning eat before shopping.

5. Sleep early – So you don’t miss Black Friday, duh?

6. If you miss it, shop online – That is what the internet is for! Or you can do it on Cyber Monday.

7. Have a back up plan – If you weren’t able to shop on Black Friday you can still go to the stores you liked because they probably would have another sale. Ask around, they might give you some tips.