Cyber Monday 2020: What Will People Buy This Year?

Last year’s Cyber Monday brought in huge discounts and sales. People lined up in stores to find doorbusters discounts on Black Friday while others stayed at the comfort of their homes to avoid the crowds and shopped online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

So How Big Was Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the sales of all sales when it comes to online shopping. Last year alone, 81 million people from the US shopped on Cyber Monday while in the UK about 21.5 million people shopped on that day.

Massive spending was made on that day last year because of the hefty price cuts. In the US it is said that people spent $6.59 billion. In the UK about £2.6 billion was spent online on Cyber Monday. There was also a very massive increase in sales online on this sale date which was about 7% year by year in the UK market since Cyber Monday started about six years ago in the UK but it was officially coined as a shopping day in 2005 in the US

Cyber Monday was born out of the need of consumers to find great last-minute deals before the Christmas season began.

Black Friday VS. Cyber Monday.

Black Friday was the shopping holiday after Thanksgiving Day in the US. People would go out early and shop for gifts for the upcoming Christmas. Massive deals were given in brick and mortar stores. However, many people would be unable to shop for everything they want to this day as well as on the following Saturday and Sunday. So, when they start work on the Monday after the holidays, they would shop online and find deals and thus Cyber Monday was born.

Black Friday is a day were a lot of brick and mortar retailers would put out their inventory at great discounts and invite shoppers in by slashing their prices. However, with the boom of online shopping and the scare brought about by riots occurring on Black Friday, some people would opt to shop online.

Black Friday normally offered deals on toys, TV sets, consoles, clothes and so much more. They normally provide deals called doorbusters which means you can only find that deal in that shop and thus you have to grab it right away. In the past years, the shops normally would give specific discounts on particular items only on Black Friday for both online and actual stores.

On the other hand, Cyber Monday gives people more choices and offers site-wide discounts on the items they carry such as clothes, gadgets, appliances, and TVs. Tech deals are really big on Cyber Monday and it is said that this 2018 many sites will dish out discounts for laptops, consoles, phones (both for sim free and with contract deals) TVs, camera, and clothes.

Bundle deals are also very popular on Cyber Monday. Consoles such as the PS4 will be bundled with games to give you the best deals. Toys from shops like Argos and will give you bundled sets like 3 for 2 (3 for the price of two) and other bargain deals. Clothes are also going to be with great discounts on a lot of websites and you can get great price cuts when you buy more.

What Will People Buy for 2020

For 2018, Cyber Monday is predicted to get even bigger than last year’s sale bonanza. Many people are really loving online shopping and the convenience it brings. It is estimated that 50% of Brits will go shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many UK business websites have shown statistics that people will spend about £200 on these shopping dates.

So what are people going to buy? Most people say that they will be shopping for themselves and find items that they need and want. People will shop for gadgets, laptops, smartphones and clothes to update the ones they’ve already had from last year.

The highest projection seen would be on electronics and tech items since many new models came out just last September and October. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei are leading the smartphone race. GoPro is still something people want to spend money on. Tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Fire tablets are popular among buyers. Laptops will also have huge discounts inviting shoppers to grab them.

Women will also shop for clothes online as well as men. Toy shopping in-store will still be more popular than buying it online and thus they will be sold more on Black Friday rather than on Cyber Monday. Beauty, skincare, and cosmetics will also popular finds for this year and huge savings for up to 70% off can be seen on these items.

Best Deals in Cyber Monday UK of 2018

Shops like Amazon and Argos will lead the way in deals for Cyber Monday 2018. Electronics will be marked off at hefty discounts from Curry’s PC World, Argos and Amazon too. Clothes from Debenhams, Simply Be, Forever 21 and will have great price offers.

• 4K UHD OLED TVs will be at much lower prices from Argos this Cyber Monday
Amazon will provide great savings on their own line of products such as Echo speakers and devices so you can talk to Alexa. Reading buffs will get a great deal from Kindle E-Readers and kids will love the Fire tablets because now they can have it easily since they’re going to be on sale.
• The new iPad (2018) and the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be highly discounted.
• Apple will give gift cards that you can use to shop for Apple devices.
• Laptops will give big savings and clearance sales on these items will be also massive. Models from last year and from the past months will have the greatest price cuts.
• Both sim free and with contract phones will be good deals come Cyber Monday
• Cameras such as action cams and mirrorless ones will be discounted
• Beauty finds such as makeup and skincare products will be on sale. Big-name brands will lower their prices as well as drugstore finds.
• Clothes will also be on sale and discounts of up to 50% off or more can be found in a lot of places. Debenhams will provide you good deals as well as
• Gift places such as IWOOT and will also throw in huge savings.

Preparing for Cyber Monday 2018

Since Cyber Monday 2018 is predicted to be the biggest online sale of the year, it is best to be prepared for it. You need to have the money to spend on it and have your credit cards ready to swipe away the deals that you want for this day.
1. Save money – Keep money for this shopping holiday. You will find the best deals and so you have to have enough money to pay for all those great deals online. Your credit card should not be on overdraft and you must have enough spending amount on your card to avoid being charged an overdraft fee.
2. Know what you want and need to buy – There will be many shiny deals online for this year’s Cyber Monday but you have to allot your precious money for the things that you really want and need. Make a list and stick to it. Only when you still have money to spare is when you buy those things which are not on your list.
3. Beware of fraud – Cyber Monday means many scams and fraud attacks will happen. Be careful of websites that ask you for your credit card numbers to get deals when in fact you are not yet buying anything. Trust only well-known sites when purchasing items. Go get your items from sites like Amazon, Argos and the like to avoid scams.
4. Protect your devices – Install anti-virus software on your PC before shopping online. Protect your phone as well by checking if the websites your visiting are legit. Be extra careful.
5. Check websites offers in advance – Scout around and find which sites offer deals you can visit pages like this one to know which sites offer the best deals. List down and compare. Do your homework so you can get the best bang for your buck this coming Cyber Monday.

Happy shopping!