Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday vs Cyber MondayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are my two most awaited holidays aside from Christmas and New Year (and oh my birthday). I love discounts. I never ever shop full price for items because I want to make the most out of my money. So which day is better. As a person who has worked in retail I will tell you each day has its pros and cons.

Black Friday is both in-store and online while Cyber Monday is only available on the net. Black Friday sales in stores give you the actual feel of shopping while Cyber Monday gives you less hassle and protects you from being boxed out by other shoppers.

The Pros and Cons of Black Friday

Black Friday is a day of shopping, fun, trying on clothes, and actually touching the items you are buying. It is a day which equates to a shopper’s World Cup. However, it is not all roses and rainbows. It can be taxing and it can even be physically taxing.


1. You can actually see, feel, and touch the items – Many people love to shop because of the actual experience of shopping itself. And with Black Friday you not only get a great discount, but you can also actually take home the item right after purchasing it unlike with Cyber Monday where you may need to wait.

2. Exclusive in-store discounts – Some stores only provide discounts and special offers to in-store shoppers. For example, with Toys R Us, they give coloring books and boxes of crayons to shoppers on top of their discounts on toys. Other stores that offer clothes may throw in a free shirt here and there if you buy instore.

3. No shipping fees – A lot of online stores charge a shipping fee which lessens the discount you are getting. If you are buying big items like TV sets, consoles, and gadgets you may need to pay more because aside from the size fragile and high-value items need insurance and extra shipping fees.

4. You don’t need to worry about out of stock or canceled items – Some stores crash online and show a different number of inventory online vs the items they actually have. It may be worrisome to order online and find out that the item is sold out or the order has been canceled.

5. No need to wait – Amazon does offer next day delivery or two-day delivery but some stores may take 5-7 business days to have your package be delivered to your doorstep. International shipping may take longer so this may be a hassle if you want your items soon

6. Massive discounts on Electronics – Since the history of Black Friday, stores that carry electronics and gadgets have paved the way for super sales and savings. This is the day to get your kids the consoles they have been crying about for months. Need a new TV? No problem you can get as much as 60% discounts. Last year’s models which are still really good can also have higher discounts for up to 70% off.


1. Crowds – People are known to camp in front of stores. Some even resort to unruly behavior and cause fights and commotions. This may not be for the impatient ones or the people who dislike crowds.

2. Lines, lines, lines – Some stores limit the number of people inside so there can be lines at the door. You can use up a lot of time just by waiting alone. It’s like going to a theme park where you ride for five minutes but wait for an hour or two.

3. Waking up early – If you want those gigantic TV sets then you need to be at the store early because these items CAN GET SOLD OUT easily. You may even need to camp outside the store. Some places don’t allow camping out so you really need to wake up at 2 am to 4 am

The Pros and Cons of Cyber Monday


Obviously Cyber Monday is a shopping holiday for those who don’t like crowds, waiting and want to shop at the comforts of their sofas, beds, and offices. If you are in the US, this is the day where you are in your office, still hangover from the Thanksgiving weekend, and want to see more deals. If you are in the UK, then you can be in your office too but instead of working, you just browse and shop online.

Pros of Cyber Monday

1. No lines – Need I say more??? Honestly, I enjoy shopping both online and in-store. But I hate lines. I don’t like having so many people around me. I can’t seem to enjoy shopping if I need to wait for so long to get it.

2. Safe – With the increasing number of brawls being reported, shopping in your house or on your desk at work is much safer.

3. Greater savings – A lot of stores may overstock and item expecting many people to go get them on Black Friday. If these items do not get sold, they normally sell it at a much cheaper price to get rid of inventory.

4. Delivered to your doorstep – Hauling a TV up your flat may not be a great thing for you. Carrying bags and bags of stuff can be tiring. Having stuff being delivered to you can be convenient and less tiring.

5. It’s easier to compare discounts – You can jump from site to site with no sweat dripping from your brow. You can easily know which site offers a better deal.


1. Some items from Black Friday may not be available on Cyber Monday – Well Black Friday was the original shopping holiday, Cyber Monday is just an extension so some items can be sold out already.

2. Delayed shipping – Due to the influx of orders you can expect some delays in deliveries, especially with smaller stores. Amazon has no delays because they have their own courier but some may not be on time or may advise you that they will take longer.

3. You can’t try the clothes on – So what if they don’t fit? You may need to pay for the return shipping losing your discount altogether (because you spend money on the return).

4. The item can get sold out in seconds – This is the fastest fingers game. You can look at the item, put it in your virtual shopping cart but it can be sold out when you check out. There may be thousands of people viewing the same item all over the world so it can be difficult to be really fast in order.

Personal Tips on choosing between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether you choose Black Friday or Cyber Monday always, always do your research online. Know the best deals and get alerts on your phone when an item drops to the price you want. Compare, compare, compare! If you think you will get a better deal on Black Friday then go to the store, but if you think it will be cheaper online then do the shopping on Cyber Monday.

Historically, electronics get more discounts on Black Friday but clothes, shoes, and bags do get better offers on Cyber Monday.

Enjoy shopping!

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