Best Christmas Gifts That You can Pick Out On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Best Christmas Gifts That You can Pick Out On Black Friday and Cyber MondayChristmas is just around the corner. With the holidays looming in, you have been thinking of what to get your husband, wife, boyfie, girlfriend, son, daughter, cousin, uncle, friend and even your dog. You have written your Naughty and Nice List and have put down the names of who you’ll be giving gifts to.

But you list as your list grows longer, so does the amount of spending. Fear not, you have sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to hoard the gifts you want for your family and friends.

Best Gifts to Get On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can start buying those pricey high tag items come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be in the look out for electronics and gadgets as most of the stuff from December of the previous year till November of the current year or previous models that are not so old will drop their prices a lot.

1. That big a$$ TV for Dad or Hubby – I know your dad might still be watching from his old box type TV. He always says it’s fine but you know it is killing his eyes. You can get him a brand new spanking TV and make him happy and his eyes healthy. Your husband will also thank you for the new TV to watch football while he chugs his eggnog on Christmas day after he unwraps his big boy present.

You can get as much as 60%-70% off on the TV too!

Best Christmas Gifts That You can Pick Out On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

2. A gaming console for your son or your boy – Okay let’s talk about a son first. If you have a boy in your family who deserve some R&R because he studies well and has good grades then a cool console will make him drool.

If you have a boyfriend who still loves video games but has been using his PlayStation 2 still, then get him a new one. Since the PlayStation 4 has been released for a year now I’m sure it’s price will drop by a whole lot come Black Friday.

3. That purse your mom would love – Your mom has bought you tons of gifts when you were young and she made sure your Christmases were merry and fun, so why not make hers happy too? Get her the purse she wants a discount on Cyber Monday. Bags, shoes, and other apparel will sure be less pricey as before. Even high-end ones will have big sales.

4. E-Readers for the person who reads a lot – I know you can read on your phone or your tablet, but the Kindle or Kobo or a Nook is still better than those. They have fabulous and sleek E-readers that provide you with comfort in reading without hurting your eyes. This is perfect for your daughter whose room is full of clutter from all the novels she’s been reading lately.

5. Toys for the kids – Toys right now are no longer cheap. Barbie costs a lot. Learning toys cost a ton. So when you go out on Black Friday write down your nieces and nephews wish list and get them the toys they want.

6. Buy yourself that perfume you’ve been wanting – Be you be a man or woman, donning a perfume can make you feel sexy. So try to snag one online on Cyber Monday or Black Friday so you don’t have to spend a ton.

7. Get your sister or your girlfriend the makeup she loves – Okay ladies, get your girl squad the tools to look smashing this Christmas season. Brand names like Mac, Smashbox, Nars, Revlon, and Loreal do put out sales for their palettes and pots and lippies this coming Cyber Monday if you don’t have time to pick them up on Black Friday.

If you are a man, your girl will be wowed if you can pick up some nice mascara or some sexy colors for her. You can ask your coworkers for advice.

8. Swimwear for your next getaway with your girl – If your girlfriend loves wearing hot swimwear, get her some and tell her to prep for the next summer’s vacation. These things will be dirt cheap during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

9. A ton of chocolates – These may also be part of the sale so go grab them for a more generic and easy to give gifts for everybody. This one is a sure-fire way to make everyone happy without thinking of what to give. The bonus part is you can eat some of it yourself.

10. Baby stuff for your friends who have kids – Get some super discounted baby items like toys or supplies for your friends who have babies. Baby bags are cheaper on sale days and diapers can also go for a discount.

11. GADGETS – GADGETS, GADGETS, GADGETS AND MORE GADGETS. Cameras, smartphones, tablets, earphones, consoles anything you can think of will be discounted during Black Friday. If you want to wow your loved ones, buy them GADGETS.

Personal Tips

Christmas shopping

Well, gift shopping is one of the main reasons why people flock stores on Black Friday and shop a lot online on Cyber Monday. So better be wise about it.

1. Free gift wrapping – Some stores offer gift wrapping. However, be wary of long lines so you can ask them if they give free Christmas themed paper bags instead.

2. Bring a list – You don’t want to forget anyone right?

3. Fuel up – Eat something before shopping; you’ll need the energy

4. Bring someone with you – Shopping alone can be a chore but shopping with someone can be fun!

5. Wear comfy shoes – Again with this tip. You need comfy shoes! This day the shopping day will be long so you got to be comfy.

6. Be safe in shopping online – Don’t fall for scams. Read my article on how to avoid Cyber Monday scams.