Best Black Friday UK Deals – 2020

Black Friday 2020 is coming on the 27th November and I am getting ready to share the best offers with you.  I’ll be recommending this year’s hottest UK shops and deals so be sure to bookmark this site to get the latest info as I receive it!  Go here to find out more.

For the best Black Friday online deals and discounts in 2020, please check the retailers below

Best Online Retailers offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in England and the UK:

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Although this site specialises in Cyber Monday sales, I also want to bring you all the best and most important Black Friday Deals in the UK. Unlike Cyber Monday this is a day where you can shop online OR in person.

When is Black Friday UK in 2020?  – Black Friday begins on the 27th November 2020.

I’ll be adding more UK Black Friday shops and retailers and specific deals that I think are a bargain to this page as I get more information.

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