The Best Cyber Monday Deals in the UK – 2020

BLACK FRIDAY weekend is near! CYBER MONDAY SALES this year are on Monday 30 November Find the best discounts here!

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Best Online Retailers offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in England and the UK:

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So what’s next? Or what if you are here early, where should you go to start saving cash?

AMAZON and ARGOS and are already offering their big discounts

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Visit for their BF and CM discounts

Or take a look at my pick of Argos’s best offers

Be sure to bookmark and keep checking back, I will be adding all the best deals and discounts, and letting you know which shops are offering what, as soon as they arrive!

What is this site for? 

To quickly show you the best Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals and shops and bargains so that you can see at a glance how best to spend your Xmas gift money!


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When is Cyber Monday 2020? – This year the date of Cyber Monday in the UK is Monday 30th November

When is Black Friday 2020?  – The Black Friday date in the UK is the 27 November

So Xmas is coming up yet again and it’s time to start thinking about all those gifts and presents.  If you don’t know already, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time to do all your shopping if you like to save money and get the best bargain sale prices!

Here at you can find the best UK shops, department stores and retailers offering the biggest Cyber Monday deals and discounts this year, and goodness knows we all need a bargain and some Xmas cheer more than ever this year!

Whilst Black Friday is a very popular shopping day, I find it best to save queuing and even fighting and just shop online.  Actually many retailers will offer their Cyber Monday deals from the Friday, so please bookmark us and feel free to start checking from the 29th of November!

Above, you will see a selection of retailers from last year that offered great discounts, as we get closer to CM 2020 I will update the page all the latest info

Still looking for Cyber Monday deals?  Search by the most popular categories:

Technology and Gadgets

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More shops and deals will be added as soon as I get new information

Save loads on tech, computers, tablets, fashion, jewellery, games clothing, makeup and health and beauty deals by shopping online on this day.  You can even get discounted travel deals and holidays now! So bookmark now to be sure that you don’t miss out!

With the Pound Sterling falling in value, it won’t be long until prices start rising on all imported items, so get all your Christmas Shopping and any other presents (for yourself and others!) at a reduced price on Cyber Monday, as it may be too late by the time the New Year sales come around.

Set yourself a date with your computer, tablet or smartphone for easy shopping on the 2nd December! Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access to all the deals.  You can also search for the items you want by looking in the relevant category, such as technology and gadgets, clothing and fashion, gifts, homeware and more.

If you know of a good deal or shop that I haven’t mentioned please feel free to contact me so that I can add it in.

For now why not take a look at my Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips so that you can be all prepared and get everything you want, on this exciting day of the year!